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My new Band

2009-02-28 23:29:42 by brudda221295

hey guys soon me and my band will be signing up 4 newgrounds so it might tkae a while 4 us 2 submit


2008-12-18 19:52:24 by brudda221295

SOz guys about my shitty songs but on monday I am getting a guitar and so i might be submitting 2 newgrounds more often.

My songs

2008-07-18 21:34:28 by brudda221295

i would like to have more people weigh in on my songs so plz do i would like some feedback

new user icon

2008-07-18 20:38:08 by brudda221295

Hey guys, with my new user icon it may look a bit wierd but that is because i cut it out using paint.
also regarding my songs could u plz write in some more on giving me tips on how to improve